Ergonomics Laboratory

The Ergonomics lab is a space for conducting the human-in-the-loop experiment using an eye and head-integrated tracking system. The lab is located in E3427 Thomas & Nell Lafferre Hall building. This lab is divided into the data analysis area (200 square feet) and the testing chamber (160 square feet). Various research experiments related to healthcare, eye-tracking, augmented reality, ergonomics, and training have been conducted in this lab.  

Eye-Tracking System

NFER Indoor GPS System

Dikablis-3 Eyetracker

Mobile Eye-XG Glasses 

Tobii Pro Glasses 2 


Motion-Capture Mixed Reality (MR) Laboratory

The lab is a space for conducting the MR experiment using a 3D motion capture system and multiple head-mounted display devices. The lab (540 square feet) is located at W1068 Thomas & Nell Lafferre Hall building.

3D Motion Capture System

Head-Mounted Display

Augmented Reality Glasses

Wireless EMG Sensors